We understand that natural resources are finite. In the countries where we have a licence to operate, we ensure our consumption of natural resources is minimal and that we comply with all existing environmental legislation.

Hoofddorp Netherlands office

Most of our office buildings are environmentally friendly or, where possible, retrofitted for energy and water efficiency. Our Randburg South Africa office has a five-star green rating from the Green Building Council, and our Hoofddorp Netherlands office that runs on renewable energy has an energy label A+.

MultiChoice measures its carbon footprint from scope 1 and 2 emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. In FY22, we reviewed our carbon footprint reporting framework. The redefined organisational carbon footprint reporting boundary identified three types of sites:

  • Office buildings, with a 3% materiality level
  • Warehouses, owned or leased (>1 000m2), excluding shared leased premises
  • All key broadcasting sites

Based on our redefined carbon footprint framework, our carbon footprint in FY22 was 86 080 tonnes of CO2e, with the largest contributors being electricity, accounting for 100% of scope 2 emissions (52% of total emissions). Our primary impact arises from using coal-fired electricity, which is the primary source of energy in many of the countries where we operate. During electricity outages, we use fuel such as diesel to power generators.

    Carbon emissions in CO2e tonnes
Scope Source FY20 FY21 FY22
Scope 1 Diesel, petrol, fugitive gases, liquid petroleum gas 19 221 15 837 41 195
Scope 2 Electricity (100%) 57 500 52 010 44 885
Total emissions   76 721 67 847 86 080

We implement several initiatives to improve our efficiency. These include:

  • Energy-efficiency and energy-saving measures for electricity, air-conditioning, data centres, heating and ventilation, and investing in green infrastructure, such as light motion sensors in buildings, LEDs with daylight harvesting, solar panels and energy-efficient invertor technology
  • Waste reduction initiatives including recycling, e-waste management, waste separation and biobins
  • Water-efficiency measures or our green accredited buildings, including low water use taps, dual-flush toilets and pressure reducers and educating employees and guests on water use efficiencies
  • Green initiatives such as pairing with a free ridesharing app in Hoofddorp Netherlands and encouraging people to use video conferencing facilities instead of air travel to reduce carbon emissions