Africa is our heart and soul, and we are proud of the positive contribution we make to the countries where we operate.

Our approach to social responsibility is focused on the relationships we have with our employees, our communities, and our customers (including ensuring the protection and privacy of their data). We are deeply invested in these relationships, knowing that our sustainability as a company is grounded in the commitment of our people, and the trust that we build with our customers and communities alike. Our various programs actively address and manage social and economic development, creating much needed employment, contributing to the fiscus and enabling small businesses to grow.

Human resource management

Our people are vital to delivering world class experiences and services to our customers across the world. We continue to advance building a culture that is customer and innovation centric, powered by attracting, growing and advancing high performing talent. We intentionally create a working environment (physically and online) that is meaningful, caring and reflective of the diversity of our communities and customers. Further, we focus on building experiences that inspire, upskill and engage our people to own and curate their growth and through which they can advance their own impact and collectively push the boundaries of innovation.

  • Employment and benefits

    Employment and benefits

    We are a significant employer in the markets in which we operate, employing 7 100 fulltime employees across the group and paying ZAR6.2bn in remuneration and benefits to our employees.

    MultiChoice Group’s rewards and benefits are designed to help advance the growth and wellbeing of our teams and that of their families. Employees share in the success of our business through bonus schemes, shares and other performance driven variable pay schemes. In order to accommodate wellbeing for now and the future we safeguard our employees and their families with benefits through leading pension and medical schemes.

    MCG’s leave benefits are above that of statutory requirements to meet the demands of the complexities in our employees’ lives.

    MultiChoice also offers employees special rates on products, early childhood development allowances and schooling for toddlers of employees based in Johannesburg.

    Key figures FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23
    Amount paid in remuneration R5.5bn R5.9bn R5.9bn R5.8bn R6.2bn
    Permanent fulltime employees 7 053 6 894 7 028 7 204 7 100
    Employee turnover 14.7% 19.9% 9.5% 11.8% 13.9%
  • Diversity and inclusion

    Diversity and inclusion

    We believe diversity gives us a competitive advantage and aids in decision-making and problem-solving to provide the best solutions for our customers. We promote an inclusive, bias-free culture and deliver on our commitment to transformation through the various policies and programmes that we have established.

    Our commitment to diversity, whether it be gender, race, sexual orientation, identity and other important identifiers, is reflected in our business practices as well as our initiatives. Specifically, our commitment to gender diversity is reflected through our Women’s forum that actively raises the profile of women in the business, our advancing Women’s Mentorship Program and various other departmental-based initiatives across the group aimed at accelerating women in leadership.

    Our Group Ethics and Compliance policy, as well as our Human Rights Policy, includes Freedom of Association principles.

    Key figures FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23
    Nationalities represented across the group 50 78 81 89 94
    % of employees who are women 47% 47% 47% 48% 47%
    % of women employees in top and senior management positions 38% 37% 39% 40% 42%
    % employees that are black (South Africa business) 88% 84% 85% 86% 86%
    % of black employees in top and senior management positions (South Africa business) 51% 56% 57% 57% 62%
  • Training and development

    Training and development

    Our learning and development initiatives support our people at all levels with opportunities for career growth, including for emerging talent, specialists, leadership and key employees.

    We are actively developing talent through various internships, graduate programs and specific departmental initiatives. In addition, we have four flagship leadership development programmes:

    • The Chairman’s Top Leaders Programme
    • The Management Essentials Programme
    • The Leadership Programme
    • The Senior leadership Programme

    We continue investing in digital learning through the MultiChoice Academy platform with access to cutting edge business content across all markets. Succession and leadership continuity is also front of mind, with specific measures in place to strengthen the talent pipeline for key talent segments and as well as senior roles. All employees participate in ongoing performance and talent engagements throughout the year which is the foundation for personal improvements and relevant development plans that support their improvement in role and also enable their career growth.

    Key figures FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23
    Amount invested in skills development R127m R191m R212m R213m R205m
    Employees uplifted through training or skills development 9 440 11 371 8 858 7 848 9 125
    Employees attending formal training 4 849 3 018 1 859 2 527 1 319
  • Employee engagement

    Employee engagement

    Employee engagement is critical to business outcomes and driving customer experience and so we embed continuous engagement into our leaders’ performance appraisals.

    We direct bi-weekly surveys to our employees that allows us to continually grow our ambassadorship and enable a connection between our employees and the business, our brand and our impact on society. Feedback received is proactively addressed through coaching, support and other interventions.

    Key figures FY20(1) FY21 FY22 FY23
    Employee participation score 89% 85% 91% 87%
    Employee engagement score (/10) 7.6 7.9 8.2 8.2
    1 FY19 information not available as this is a new method of measuring engagement
  • Employee recognition

    Employee recognition

    We have a dedicated employee recognition programme #WeSeeYou, that encourages employees on an ongoing basis to recognise their peers, managers, direct reports and specific teams for the value they add to the business and the lives of their peers.

    Key figures FY20(1) FY21 FY22 FY23
    Employee recognition awards 1 269 2 516 2 072 2 7371
    Other forms of recognition (online) 12 704 17 831 20 405 23 152
    1 FY19 information not available as this is a new employee recognition programme
  • Employee health and wellness

    Employee health and wellness

    We take the wellness and safety of our employees seriously.

    Wellness events are held on a regular basis and employees have free access to on-site health services, which is staffed by doctors and other primary healthcare staff including physicians, nurses, dentists, etc. We also have gyms in many of our offices around the world. In addition, we provide access to financial planning experts, stress management techniques and mental health counsellors.

    We have a comprehensive lifestyle support offering, geared towards helping employees in making their day-to-day lives easier, including personal assistant services, drivers and various lifestyle benefits that extend into family support plus tutoring for children. Employees have access to on-site and online shops who provide preferential deals across multiple services and products.

    The group aims to provide employees and directors with a safe and healthy work environment. Environmental, safety and health rules and practices are in place, and employees are required to report accidents, injuries or unsafe equipment, practices or conditions.

For additional information view the employee section of our integrated annual report.

Corporate social investment

We see beyond business priorities and strive to make a lasting impact on the communities in which we operate. Our CSI initiatives focus on creating employment opportunities, developing up-and-coming filmmakers and nurturing future sport stars.

CSI initatives

CSI initatives

We have several CSI initiatives and programmes in place.

Our flagship initiatives include:

  • Let’s Play, which encourages young people to be physically active and participate in sport
  • The DStv Diski challenge, a development programme which includes a football competition, broadcasting internships and free broadcast rights for regional TV stations
  • The MultiChoice Talent Factory, which trains filmmakers and other creatives in the video production industry through film academies, masterclasses and a digital networking portal. The MultiChoice Talent Factory operates across 14 countries in Africa
  • The SuperSport Academy, a soccer development programme for young people
  FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23
CSI spend R207m R247m R446m R298m R285m
Enterprise development

Enterprise development

The MultiChoice Innovation Fund is an enterprise development fund administered by the MultiChoice Enterprise Development Trust.

The fund’s aim is to fast-track entrepreneurs to industry leadership in the technology, film and content production industries. It provides start-up entrepreneurs and established SMMEs with the necessary tools, skills and financial support to enable them to bring their business ideas to life and create much-needed employment opportunities. The fund has a strong focus on small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) owned by young and female entrepreneurs. Since inception, the fund has disbursed R379m in loans, grants and business development expenses to achieve this purpose.

  FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23
Annual amount distributed to beneficiaries R68m R45m R37m R75m R52m
Comitment to transformation

Commitment to transformation

Our preferential procurement programme in South Africa supports the development of previously disadvantaged business owners.

The majority of our preferential procurement spend is with BBBEE compliant suppliers, and a significant portion is directed at SMMEs and suppliers with black women ownership.

We recognise that owning economic assets plays a critical role in reducing inequality. Phuthuma Nathi, our BBBEE share scheme, boasts almost 77 000 black shareholders.

  FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 FY23
Preferential procurement spend R10.4bn R10.3bn R11.5bn R13.4bn R12.0bn
% of SA procurement with BBBEE compliant suppliers 79% 80% 81% 88% 100%
Spend with SMMEs R3.4bn R4.9bn R3.3bn R3.0bn R2.6bn
Spend with suppliers with at least 30% black women ownership R1.7bn R1.9bn R2.3bn R2.8bn R2.0bn

Data privacy and security

Our business is increasingly exposed to and reliant on data from our customers, employees, content providers and other suppliers.

Our data privacy and security programmes are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of data, preserving the integrity of data and promoting the availability of data for authorised use.

  • Data governance structures and awarenessData governance structures and awareness
  • Data privacyData privacy
  • Data securityData security

ata governance structures and awarenessData governance structures and awareness

We have a dedicated data governance forum that reports to the risk committee and social and ethics committee, which in turn reports to the Board.

This forum consists of data information officers, data protection officers, legal and regulatory practitioners, as well as business unit data stewards. We also have a dedicated data privacy office and a dedicated information security team.

We conduct regular employee awareness campaigns, such as the #PrivacyGuardian and #BeeSecure cybersecurity awareness campaign that focus on creating awareness using newsflashes, screensavers and email communications. Employees are required to acknowledge an Acceptable Usage Policy providing guidance on the secure use of technology and information.

Training is made available to employees on the group’s e-learning platform. This includes a combination of voluntary and mandatory training covering topics such as POPIA, GDPR, data governance, IT security awareness and password protection.

Data privacyData privacy

Public privacy and employee privacy policies across the group set out what personal information is collected from employees, customers and other users (data subjects), how the group collects personal information, why the group collects it, how the group uses it, and related matters.

We follow the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and other in-country regulations. Accordingly, data protection agreements (DPAs) have been implemented with third-party service providers who require access to personal information to perform contracted services.

We recognise the following data subject rights: right of access, right of accuracy, right to be forgotten or erased, right to restriction of processing, right to portability, right to object, right to complain.

Customers can log data privacy issues via the privacy notice on our website. These queries are logged and tracked.

To date, there have been no complaints received from customers or regulators regarding breaches of data privacy. Further, no identified thefts, leaks or losses of customer data have been experienced or reported.

Data security Data security

We identify and manage cyber risks as part of our enterprise-wide risk management framework and in line with international best practices and regulations. We focus on four areas: Governance, cyber security, cyber vigilance and cyber resilience.

A detailed cybersecurity policy exists and prescribes ten base practices that each company in the group must address to ensure compliance with security practices. The group risk committee annually reviews and reauthorises the cybersecurity policy and its implementation, and reports to the board in this regard.

Advanced security solutions have been implemented to mitigate, detect and respond to cyber attacks. We periodically check the security fitness of the businesses and require quarterly governance status reports. Our risk and compliance department supports businesses with risk management activities and an external subject expert provider performs cyber vulnerability scans and tests on an ongoing basis. Internal and external audits are conducted on information security policies and systems.

The Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA) audited the group’s content security management system in February 2021, and both production environments were accredited in terms of this international security standard.

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