The board charter sets out the board’s roles, division of responsibilities, membership requirements and procedural conduct

It also provides for delegation of authority to established board committees and the CEO, with clearly defined mandates. The board regularly reviews its charter to guide its effective functioning. The responsibilities delegated to each committee are formally documented in their terms of reference, which are reviewed at least annually. All committees have clear roles and responsibilities as outlined in their committee charters.

The board has a code of ethics and conduct policy (the code), which sets out the standards for business conduct throughout the group and is supported by a wide range of group policies. Management focuses on implementing the code, policies and procedures addressing key ethical risks, such as conflicts of interest, political contributions, bribes, fraud, money laundering and acceptable business conduct. As the group conducts business in various countries, we are also subject to the laws and regulations of those countries.

Our current policies published publicly are included below, along with MultiChoice Group’s memorandum of incorporation.